We, at Rosinski & Company, help organizations develop the new breed of leadership necessary to achieve sustainable progress and meaningful success, to tackle today's complex challenges in an increasingly interconnected world. The magnitude of this task should not be overlooked as it often implies the integration of new perspectives and personal transformation.

Beyond helping leaders develop the habitual -yet still essential- leadership competences (e.g., self-awareness, vision, pro-activity, ability to empower and build positive relationships, trustworthiness, productivity, resilience), we promote global leadership.

Global leaders engage their workforce, unleash human potential, and elicit sustainable high performance, enabling organizations to thrive in today's global arena. They are able to build unity in diversity and to navigate across disciplines. They achieve superior business results while pursuing a higher purpose that includes social and environmental goals. Global leaders are innovative in meeting society's needs.

Rosinski & Company global leadership development interventions combine the best of traditional leadership development methods with pioneering thinking and approaches. We match the complexity to the requirements of your specific circumstances. We tailor our seminars to your specific context and needs for maximum impact. We are able to draw from a broad range of models, perspectives and a variety of techniques to engage participants for lasting results.


 WEX engaged Philippe Rosinski to develop the framework for our proprietary Leadership Development program.  While completing the extensive needs analysis, Philippe demonstrated a profound understanding of WEX’s business and leadership talent in both their current state and desired future state.  The resulting program has targeted WEX’s specific needs, and has resulted in positive reviews from all participants as well as measurable results on behalf of the business.  Partnering with Philippe included his co-facilitation on the first two cohorts.  His coaching style and willingness to work with participants individually over the course of the program only served to make it richer. WEX’s Integrated Leadership Development Program (the ILDP) is unique in that it builds leaders’ skills holistically.  This allows each participant to take away their own individual lessons while the cohorts of WEX leadership grow stronger and better prepared to lead WEX in a unified way. 

Using Philippe’s books [Global Coaching and Coaching Across Cultures] as foundational material allows these cohorts to bridge cultural differences as WEX continues to expand globally.  The leadership framework also informs the development activity across level at WEX; employees, management, and executives alike contribute to WEX’s growth through a common approach and language that is unique to WEX.  The results have been consistently positive for both employees and their contributions at WEX.

Alison Soine-Norris, Director Global Learning & Organization Development, WEX, Inc.


I learned so much. I will absolutely recommend this seminar to every current and potential leader at Chubb.

Participant “Chubb Asia Pacific’s Leadership Development Seminar”


This is a powerful seminar – it has personally been a life changing experience for me. I feel that I was happily traveling along blindfolded and on my own. I can now see and what lies ahead is more difficult than I had thought – scary – but so much to aim for and achieve.

Participant “Chubb Europe’s Leadership Development Seminar”


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Our interventions involve a series of carefully designed activities destined to help your leaders grow, to effectively serve multiple stakeholders.

  • As consultants, we help you design a leadership development curriculum that reinforces other human resources practices (e.g., selection and promotion policies, recruitment practices, reward system, performance appraisals) to provide optimal alignment with your company's vision, culture and strategy.
  • As trainers, we deliver custom-designed leadership development programs, combining the best practices of traditional leadership development with novel integrated approaches.
  • As coaches, we complement the training initiatives to ensure leadership development is viewed as a process, providing an ongoing mechanism to facilitate progress over time.

Philippe Rosinski's latest book Global Coaching highlights several characteristics of global leaders and explains how we can help you develop these global leadership qualities in practice.

{tab Ten Crucial Global Leadership Qualities |orange}

Global coaching can be viewed as an integrated approach to develop ten global leadership qualities needed to effectively address the 21st century’s complex challenges and the way Global Leaders (GLs) embody them:

1  Multiple-perspectives outlook
A broad range of different disciplines, alternative cultural worldviews, various forms of intelligence as well as diverse archetypes available to us.
GLs address challenges by combining openness, curiosity and ability to see reality from multiple perspectives.

2  Doing well by doing good
Eager to frame personal and organizational goals in the broader context of improving the world.
GLs strive to achieve meaningful objectives. Committed to sustainable progress by reconciling profit and purpose, they use research linking doing well with doing good to act most effectively and strategically. It supports them to articulate compelling arguments that bring all stakeholders on board. Not trapped in conventional thinking, their entrepreneurial spirit goes hand in hand with an environmental and social conscience, with a commitment to innovation and long-term excellence for addressing complex societal challenges.

3  Authenticity
Living a genuine life they can truly call their own.
GLs have left autopilot mode, their existence forged by society, acting out of habits that can be constructive or destructive. GLs are on a journey to live a life they can truly call their own.

4  Health and fitness
Taking proactive steps to be healthy and fit, and to promote wellness in their organizations.
GLs go beyond following basic nutritional advice and doing a bit of exercise. They tend to follow a low-calorie, plant-based diet high in unrefined carbohydrates. Their fitness regimen is varied including cardiovascular endurance, strength and power, balance and flexibility. In this way, they increase their well-being, quality of life and effectiveness. GLs also encourage wellness programs in their organizations, thereby achieving a return on investment that can be as high as 6 to 1  (Berry, Mirabito and Baun, December 2010).

5  Results-orientation
Achieving results and adding value.
GLs are productive and results-oriented. They adapt their leadership style to each situation, taking particular account of followers’ readiness (ability and willingness) to achieve a task. They build trust and delegate authority.

6  Emotional and relational competences
“Emotionally intelligent” and able to build constructive relationships.
GLs take personal responsibility for their actions.  In touch with their emotions they are assertive (vs aggressive or submissive) and psychologically minded. They recognize and avoid negative psychological games, understand defense mechanisms and don’t fall prey to neurotic, immature patterns. They are familiar with personality differences and able to make the most of these building on strengths. Favoring an integrated approach rather than limiting themselves to a one school of thought they master varied communication techniques to open up possibilities.

7  Political know-how
Engaging in constructive politics.
GLs appreciate politics as inherent to organizational life since we need others to make our goals happen. Instead of viewing politics as a priori negative, GLs engage in constructive politics. While power gives impact and leverage, service guides our actions. GLs understand the sources of power and take proactive actions to increase their power, which is their ability to achieve important, meaningful objectives. They build alliances out of their commitment to serve immediate constituencies and stakeholders as well as humanity at large, striving to become “enlightened builders”.

8  Cultural inclusiveness
Leveraging cultural differences and building unity in diversity.
GLs appreciate the legitimacy and merits of different cultural perspectives. Seen as a source of richness and an opportunity to go beyond current limitations, GLs have an inclusive and dynamic concept of culture that contrasts with the traditional static and binary view. They master a vocabulary to describe cultural orientations in areas of practical importance: power and responsibility, time management, definitions of identity and purpose, organizational arrangements, notions of territory and boundaries, communication and thinking. GLs know their own cultural norms, values and assumptions and can leverage cultural differences. This allows them to build unity in diversity when working across cultures.

9  Spiritual awakening
Living purposefully and mindfully.
GLs have an increased awareness of a connection with themselves, others, nature, with the immanent and transcendent “divine”. They find meaning in their lives discerning what is truly important. Living purposefully and mindfully, they are united with themselves and with others.

Wisdom combined with lightness allows them to appreciate and savor life, and to accept suffering that cannot be avoided with courage and dignity, building resilience.

GLs reflect on crucial questions e.g.: “What is truly important for me?” and “What is my legacy?” using meditation and artistic exploration to tap into deep unconscious aspirations. By cultivating an attitude of gratitude GLs welcome the beauties life offers and radiate this energy toward others.

10 Deep interconnectedness
Linking and synthesizing.
The traditional mechanistic worldview is insufficient to address today’s complexity. Leaders need to understand the emerging holographic organic worldview and complexity theory.

GLs move beyond fragmentation and over-specialization, and appreciate the interconnections and broader implications of everything they do. They are unsatisfied with superficial and instrumental human relations, striving to establish genuine human bonds and to be fully present.

See “Global Coaching “ www.GlobalCoaching.pro and http://acbulletin.com/Global/201404/article_1.html


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