We offer a unique integrated executive coaching approach. Philippe Rosinski's pioneering global coaching has been acclaimed worldwide and is described in detail in his books Global Coaching and Coaching Across Cultures.

The objective of a coaching intervention is to help the executive to take full advantage of his/her qualities and overcome pitfalls that may hinder his/her effectiveness, in the pursuit of challenging and meaningful objectives.

Coaching is action-oriented in that it helps the executive define and achieve concrete objectives. The process builds upon the executive’s successes and helps reach higher levels of performance and fulfillment.

The coaching process invites the executive to act upon his/her self-awareness about, in particular, leadership style, interpersonal behaviors, preferences and motivators.

The program spans over a period to be agreed upon (typically one year) and implies a significant commitment from the executive. The coaching sessions take place about every three weeks/one month and have a typical duration of two/three hours each.

The sessions are scheduled by the executive and the executive coach at mutually convenient times, usually face-to-face, and possibly over the phone if appropriate.

Each intervention includes:

  • reviewing the company’s background information,
  • providing an in depth assessment using a range of psychometric instruments (as appropriate), as well as
  • design and preparation time.

The executive coach is flexible and as much as possible, available when urgent coaching is solicited: for example, to bounce back ideas or seek guidance before an important meeting or presentation.

Strict ethics are obviously applicable. The sessions are confidential. Rosinski & Company will not divulge the content of the sessions, nor release personal information/data about the executive coach unless given explicit authorization by the executive. This allows creating a safe environment where candid exchanges and authentic exploration can take place, which leads to genuine commitment and resolute actions, resulting in greater impact.


I was very dubious before starting. I am now enthusiastic and extremely positive. My executive coach enables me to go further. Nothing seems impossible.

Didier Dallemagne, Senior Vice President, Unilever


Philippe Rosinski is very charming, open, listening, easy to deal with, while at the same time very much results-oriented and clear about goals. I found him very stimulating and inspiring. He was always very well prepared and I very much related to his structured approach. The whole experience has been fascinating. It has changed me and the way I work in a substantial way. As a manager, I have become more effective, more efficient, more confident and better able at coaching others.

Wim Van der Smissen, Finance Director, Unilever


My experience with you as my coach has been wonderful!  I've really appreciated your candor and insights, your questions and comments, and the distinctions you've drawn. In addition, I've appreciated the "who" of you. I've experienced you as warm, caring, professional, open, trustworthy, respectful and collaborative.  All of these I admire.

Linda Miller, Executive Coach-Global Liaison for Coaching Services,
The Ken Blanchard Companies

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