Our training offering is not limited to global coaching and leadership development. More generally, we propose tailored solutions to help your organization unleash its human potential to achieve high performance together with high fulfillment. We draw from our extensive experience and growing network of seasoned professional partners worldwide.

In particular, we can offer customized training programs in the following areas:

  • Communication: interpersonal, team and public speaking
  • Creativity
  • Managing time and priorities
  • Coaching: fundamentals, individual coaching, team coaching
  • Management and Leadership
  • Interculturalism and Diversity: facilitating mutual understanding, bridging cultural gaps, leveraging differences, building constructive relationships and doing effective work across cultures.
  • Discovering and applying psychometric instruments, notably: MBTI®,
    FIRO-B™, CLI®, SYMLOG®, TMI®, without forgetting our own COF assessment.

For maximum impact, we rely on a variety of methods and refer to participants’ concrete situations: interactive presentations, group discussions, experiential activities, videotaped role-plays, feedback exchanges, case studies, peer coaching, small group projects, etc.

We typically work in the context of close and long-term partnerships with select organizations. We emphasize collaboration, which can take the form of joint assessment, design, delivery and learning. For large-scale projects, we constitute and manage teams of specialized and dedicated trainers and coaches. 

Our professionals have developed new training programs as well as adapted existing L’Oréal programs. These programs are destined to managers at L’Oréal from all European countries. Core general management development training is run several times every year for L’Oréal by Rosinski & Company’s network. Programs are offered in French, English, German and Italian.

"We chose to work with Rosinski & Company for multiple reasons: we appreciate this excellent team of experienced and diverse Trainers, the business-oriented learning approach, and the consistently positive feedback after the seminars".
Yvonne von de Finn Project Manager - Learning for development MDC Europe - L'Oréal

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