If you are a COF authorized user and want to start a new project that involves establishing COF aggregate profiles from participants’ COF individual profiles, you are at the right place!

At this stage, we invite you to provide us with general information about your project by completing the form below. When pressing “Submit your request”, your information will be sent to Rosinski & Company. 

The general information we ask you to provide will be treated strictly confidentially. It should include the following information.

  • Organization: name of the corporation, institution, network, association, merging entity (for mergers and acquisitions) in which the project will take place
  • Project name: how you choose to designate the project. We suggest you opt for a name that conveys the context and goal of the project. Examples: High performance team coaching management committee division X, Cultural due diligence before a possible merger between companies A and B. However, you are free to choose shorter names.       
  • Total number of participants: the total and maximum number of participants who will be asked to complete the COF assessment questionnaire in the context of your project.
  • Sub-groups/populations: the sub-groups/populations/categories for which you will want aggregate COF profiles (e.g., per division, per hierarchical level, per function) in addition to the overall aggregate COF profile.
  • Project description and/or comments: additional description and/or comments about the project and its content.


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If you are interested in becoming a COF authorized user, please check out the Events section to find out about the coming “Leading and Coaching Across Cultures / COF certification seminars”. Alternatively, please contact Rosinski & Company directly to discuss the possibility of a tailored COF certification program.

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